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  • 2022.07.17.Volunteer Work

  • 2022.06.25.Volunteer Work

    Happy weekend with lovely animals😊Animals are wary at first. But when we get close, they come closerand act cute, so we're full of happiness while doing volunteer workThanks to the help of many people, we able to deliver the feed.we could see the animals eating their food deliciously.Also, thanks to many people who take care of themto stay healthy, we finished this volunteer work happily.We will update the donation details and receipts for the feedand snacks that animals eat every day soon.Thank you for always supporting us❤

  • 2022.05.29.Volunteer Work

    The 2nd floor cages of animals was built with the help of many people.We are really thanks to many people who care about keeping animals saferand healthier, we had a good time doing this volunteer.We have experience to volunteer work for 2years so we've finishedclean the cage and quickly and enjoy the time to get closer to animals.We will update the donation details and receiptsfor the meal and snacks that animals eat every day.Thank you for always supporting us❤

  • 2022.04.23.Volunteer Work

    Today is "Earth Day"It's not easy to protect the environment,1. Wash and rewrite gloves2. Wipe your clothes and wear them again3. Using public transportation to do volunteer work4. Planting small plants in a gardenI tried small things in my daily lifeLet's do small things in our daily lives together!Tomorrow is the weekend, so I'm going to volunteer again!

  • 2022.03.26.Volunteer Work

    In line with our purpose of reducing hungry animals one by one,we gathered your attention in March 2022 andsponsored 105kg of feed + 1.3kg of handmade snacks to volunteer team "Active Animal Love."Thank you for your interest and lovefor the kids who have to worry about their meals. 🙇💛❤💜

  • 2022.02.27.Volunteer Work

    Even though it's a small act, I hope you had a happy present day.❤💜💛💙💚🧡

  • 2022.01.23.Volunteer Work

    We filled up love with handlingFilled the warmth with briquettes

  • 2021.12.24.Volunteer Work

    I visited the Sharing House and deliveredthe most necessary items to the grandmothers.It's a small gift I can give them on Christmas Eve,but I hope the space they're in now is a little more cozy and comfortable.I gave them a goose-down blanket and pillow set so that grandmothers canhave a good night's sleep, and a sofa for them to relax comfortably while sitting down.I hope it will be a good memoryfor both grandmothers and you(suppoters).Thank you for supporting us and giving us.After discussing with the person in charge for more than 2 weeks,I purchased the necessary items.Visit after checking the PCR test results negative.

  • 2021.12.05.Volunteer Work

    To help the elderly poverty problem a little, lunch boxes are made, packed, and even delivered them!Improvement begins with an interest in social issues around us❤Next week, I'll tell you about volunteer work for abandoned animals

  • 2021.10.11.Volunteer Work

    Traces of gloryPreparing Hand wash of gloryWhen you volunteer, make sure to bring clothes to change❤

  • 2021.10.02.Volunteer Work

    Today is "World Animal Day". It's still a small effort,but I delivered even a little bit of love❤I'll do my best to convey your warm heart😊

  • 2021.09.05.Volunteer Work

    A grateful day when Liche, a cautious personality,give her side for the first time in 8 months 🐶Even though activive Marsha and the goojo are next to each other. she has been watchuntil she and i get to friend each other. but todayis the first day she smell my hand for the first time. 🤭I'll do my best until the day when service becomes a habit,rather than a heavy word like "responsibility."😊

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