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  • Donation Receipt December 2021 (Organic animals)

    There may be things you did and couldn't do,but you all worked hard this year.This is the last sponsorship of the year.I'll summarize the total donation for 2021 and show you soon.Thanks to your support, I was able to convey my love widely and I was so happy.Let's get along well from now on. I hope everyone is happy❤😃❤

  • Donation Receipt December 2021 (Sexual slavery victims Grandmother)

    I visited the Sharing House and deliveredthe most necessary items to the grandmothers.It's a small gift I can give them on Christmas Eve,but I hope the space they're in now is a little more cozy and comfortable.I gave them a goose-down blanket and pillow set so that grandmothers can have a good night's sleep,and a sofa for them to relax comfortably while sitting down.I hope it will be a good memory for both grandmothers and you(suppoters).Thank you for supporting us and giving us.* After discussing with the person in charge for more than 2 weeks,I purchased the necessary items.* Visit after checking the PCR test results negative.

  • Donation Receipt November 2021 (Organic animals)

    It is a time when animals need help, such as decreasing activity,bloody excrement, and increased sick days due to sub-zero weather.With your help, we added a little more warmth to the space where the animals stay.We're planning to do group volunteer work in December.In the future, we will provide you with various volunteer work and donation news ❤About 'Sexual slavery victims Grandmother', we are talking closelywith the people in charge of Sharing House, so please wait a little bit.Please take care of your health in this cold weather❤

  • Donation Receipt October 2021 (Organic animals)

    The weather suddenly got cold. I hope you stay healthy❤This donation was donated for feed to fill the animal's rice bowl!Thank you for helping meet a bowl full of animals.🙇

  • Donation Receipt September 2021 (Organic animals)

    It's already October!It's the result of a lot of support who cheering meI will work steadily until the day when all animals are loved without getting sick. Thank you 🙇

  • Donation Receipt August 2021 (Organic animals)

    We wanted to upload it yesterday. It's too bad😥We donated 1.91 million won in time for his birthday (09.01).Donations (1.7 million won) + private expenses (210,000 won) were donatedto help abandoned dogs eat healthy food without being hungry.We'd like to thank everyone who's been working together to make sure the animals are alive.😊In addition, 24 light and comfortable caps were donated to"Active Animal Love" so that volunteers could serve more comfortably.🧢We will work steadily until the day when all animals are loved without getting sick. Thank you.🥰

  • Donation Receipt July 2021 (Organic animals)

    Hello, #Delixirangels ♥Are you having a cool summer?The July donation was donated for additional electricity construction costs and air circulation using coolerssuch as fans so that children suffering from the heat wave can stay cooler this summer.I hope that the children will be able to stay cooler with this donation where hundreds of lives live in the shelter.Delixir's value is always the same.we will always strive for a better world through small practices of service and donation.Thank you for always supporting usThanks to you, the world has become more beautiful today. I hope you have a great day. ♥

  • Donation Receipt June 2021 (Organic animals)

    Hello, #DelixirAngels ♥Are you having a happy weekend?The June donation has a special meaning.🎂Birthday of BTS (BTS): '13.06.13.🎂Birthday of official fan club (A.R.M.Y.) : '13.07.09.Sum of two numbers: 130,613 + 130,709 = 261,322✨I donated 2,613,220 won with 10 times our heart.I have been touched by BTS & ARMY's warm heart and good influence since March.I'm returning your gratitude like this.Your warm heart has become a better product, service, and influence.Delixir is growing from a brand that simply manufactures productsto a brand that can deliver better value entirely.😊we will try to convey to the world the way you have been with me.The June donation was donated for the purchase of drugs such as disc surgery and medical examination of abandoned animals,construction cost to prevent removal of shelters, and high quality feed pay.I will check if the donation is being used well through continuous service and confirmation.We will never forget how grateful BTS and ARMY are for being with us at Delixir's historic moment.Thanks to you, the world has become more beautiful today. I hope you have a precious day today💜💜

  • Donation Receipt May 2021 (Organic animals)

    Hello, #Dellixirangels ♥9.7 million won in donations from March to March + 1.91 million won in donations from May.In time for BTS Jungkook's birthday (97.9.1), the donation was delivered toabandoned animals in the hope of providing a day of gifts such as birthdays.💜Thanks to Jungkook's good influence,more people have become interested in animal welfare.I've been working hard for three monthsto repay Jungkook and ARMY's warm hearts and gratitude.Thank you for your warm interest in the welfare of abandoned animals.We will always serve and contribute with the same heart to repay your attention.💜This month's donation was delivered to the acting animal love company.* Donation based on settlement amount by the end of May* Raised from the actual settlement amount of KRW 1,000 + Donation including expensesDonations are human injuries that require long-term medication.The purpose of treatment is to purchase heart medicine, skin medicine, epilepsy medicine, etc.Waterworks costs, nest operations costs, andI donated it for June meal and will make it transparent next month.Also, we will check whether the amount is being used well through continuous volunteer work.I would like to thank all the supporters for reaching out for a better world.I will continue to be a #Delixir who delivers warmth to the world. Thank you.❤

  • Donation Receipt From March to April 2021 (Sexual slavery victims Grandmother)

    Hello #DelixirAngels 💕In March and April, we donated the amount of money you donated to the "Sharing House Sexual slavery victims Grandmother" to restorethe honor of the Sexual slavery victims Grandmother.It's a painful history, but thank you for not forgetting it andsupporting it to be remembered in future generations.We will continue our support for a just solution to the problem,and we hope that Sexual slavery victims Grandmother will be freefrom mental pain like butterflies and fly freely🦋

  • Donation Receipt From March to April 2021 (Organic animals)

    Hello #DelixirAngels ❤We were really busy in March and April.Thank you for your support🙇Thanks to your warm heart for participating in Delixir's donation project,we were able to donate this much money together.* Contributions based on the amount settled so far* Contributions raised from the actual settlement amount of 1,000 wonDonations were used to improve the shelter environment, animals suffering from germs,treatment costs for children with nerve paralysis, and construction of new silk.We will upload the Sexual slavery victims Grandmother donation receipt later.I would like to thank all the sponsors for their warm hands for a better world.We will continue to be #Delixir who delivers warmth to the world. 🐱🐶Thank you 🙏

  • Donation Receipt February 2021 (Organic animals)

    Hello #DelixirAngels 💕Delixer quietly started a project that moved the worldlittle by little from January 20.We couldn't inform you properly because we didn't have the time,but a few people recognized and participated in good consumption.We think there will be more sponsors in February.We would like to thank all the sponsors for their warm hands for a better world.We will continue to be #Delixir who works hard. 😊Thank you 🙏

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